DIAMOND details

The sample image above matches the shape and a very close length to width ratio of the actual diamond, but this is not the actual diamond.
0.4 Carat Hearts & Arrows H Colour Diamond
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has certified this Excellent cut, H color, and VS2 clarity diamond. This diamond is inscribed with a GIA number, and comes with our lifetime upgrade and quality guarantee.

This diamond has the best cut grade, a hearts and arrows pattern, no fluorescence, and is shipped in a beautiful jewellery box. If you decide not to set it in a ring, the loose diamond will be further secured in a special loose diamond metal case.

With the purchase of this diamond, you will receive a GIA grading report.
HK$ 5,720



Model number:
HK$ 5,720
Price per carat:
HK$ 14,300
Round Brilliant
Thin to Slightly thick
4.76 X 4.72 X 2.91 *
GIA number:


REMARKS: Measurements and demonstrations above show typical performance of a diamond in   its respective 4Cs gradings.  Each diamond is unique and it may vary in its size and apperance. Colour and size in the above may also vary in different monitor displays under different resolution and colour settings.


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Cut : EX

ED Grade|Excellent|Very Good|Good|Fair|

The visual appearance, including brightness, fire, and scintillation, are of excellent level. The stone’s dimensions, angles, proportions, and their relationship to each other allow the diamond to nearly reflect all the light that enters it, while the finish or make of a diamond is of high quality. The cut grade applies to round cut diamonds only.

Color : H

This is the 2nd best color among the “near colorless” grade The diamond looks colorless face-up and nearly colorless at the bottom when facing down. The slight trace of color is not noticeable to untrained eyes when the diamond is mounted on a ring or jewellery. In some cases, the color is noticeable when compared side bye side against other diamonds with better color grade.

Clarity : VS2

Very Slightly Included 2: Inclusions are somewhat easy for a skilled grader to see under 10X magnification in the face-up position. They are not detectable through regular viewing by the audience under regular lighting condition. In very rare case, the inclusion is eye-visible. Inclusions are features such as crystals, pinpoints, graining, or cavity enclosed within a diamond or extend into it from the surface.

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