How to Find out Her Ring Size Secretly



How to Determine Ring Size



To measure your ring size, you may download our useful ring sizing pdf file below, and print it out for further action.   

Try to measure as accurately as possible when using this tool, but do not over worry.  After you placed your order with England Diamond, we will immediately dispatch a free, solid ring sizer to you so we can reconfirm your size one more time prior to shipment.  This is to ensure you won’t have to be bothered with returning goods to us for a resize.  If you want to know more details about ring sizing and our free resize service, please read here.


If you are buying the ring for engagement purpose or as a surprise gift for the receiver, but do not know her size, then please see our tips below:


How To Obtain Her Ring Size Without Asking


If you're planning a surprise proposal, it's only natural you'll want to avoid doing anything that might give the game away. Obtaining your partner's ring size information without her knowing is a covert operation, but there are numerous ways you can get the job done that won't necessarily arouse suspicion.


1.      By far the most obvious solution is to consult your girlfriend's family and/ or friends about her ring size. No doubt they'll have bought her rings as gifts for milestones in the past, or been shopping with her whilst she was trying on jewellery, so they'll probably have some idea of the correct size.


2.      Another stealthy approach is to measure your girlfriend's finger while she is still asleep. Simply wrap a small strip of paper around her ring finger snugly, and use a marker pen to mark a line where the first end meets the paper. Remember to consider the size of her knuckle too. Once you've successfully retrieved the paper strip, measure the length/ circumference in millimetres and refer to our chart in the above pdf file to obtain the correct sizing. 


3.       One of easiest ways to glean her ring size is to find a ring she wears often as a fashion accessory – although it must be one she wears on her ring finger. Print out our ring sizer and place the ring over each circle to ascertain which is the best match. If her ring size is larger than one, but smaller than another, the larger size may work better for you.


4.       If you're unable to borrow one of her rings without her realising it's gone missing, use a bar of soap to make an imprint of its shape (being sure to clean any residue off the ring afterwards).


5.       You could pretend to admire one she wears often and slip it on one of your own fingers to see how it fits.


6.       If all else fails, the shopping deception trick is probably your best bet. Invent a reason/ occasion for your mother or sister, and enlist your girlfriend's help in finding a suitable ring as a gift. She'll probably be glad to oblige, and you can ask her to try on numerous styles in a jeweller to get her exact size.