Most Professional Diamond Consultant Award


Thanks Mediazone Magazine for Its kind support and good taste for awarding us "The Most Professional Diamond Consultant" award  on November 12th, 2015 during Hong Kong's Most Valuable Company event.  Here's the article about us.




If diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend, it would be prudent toget to know them better. No stranger to the finest jewellery and precious gems, Hong Kong is the place for those with money and taste. With a multitude of options however, it becomes especially easy to get lost in a search for truly exceptional quality and value. “Let the buyer beware” was the adage of old, but the professional team of specialists at England Diamond makes sure not to leave its customers in the dark. “We are not only enthusiastic about the beauty of diamonds, but we strive to explore new methods that can help customers purchase more wisely and efficiently,” says Senior Jewellery Specialist Eric Ng. “We adopt an O2O luxury business model. Online, we use the most effective internet technologies and communication tools to help customers easily get a grip of the essentials of diamonds. When offline, our GIA-certified specialists make use of state of the art diamond viewing equipment to help customers appreciate our products in a controlled environment very similar to that of a GIA diamond grading lab.”


Broader Horizons

Customers have naturally become more informed. While personal trust built on relationships remains the key to purchase in traditional retail, information and transparency is more and more a priority for today’s buyer. Rather than fight it, England Diamond welcomes the transition, and operates according to this premise. “It is no longer about how much you befriend the customers, but about how much knowledge you share so they may make an educated decision on such a significant purchase. That’s why we display thousands of diamonds online with open information and transparent prices. The details we provide about our products are several times more extensive than what you may learn in a regular jewellery store. Given such rich information and offers, and with the assistance of our GIA specialists, our customers can easily choose high quality diamonds that fit their preference and budget.”


Accountable for a Lifetime

“We are accountable for the diamond jewellery we sell for a lifetime, so we are extremely careful and demanding on our sourcing and workmanship. In other words, our strong sense of accountability drives our professionalism.” England Diamond provides lifetime warranties, upgrades, and professional cleaning services. Its products are 100% warrantied to their original owners against defects in materials and workmanship. In the event of a problem, purchases can be returned for inspection. Finding a manufacturing defect, the company repairs or replaces the product without charge. It also provides repair services for damage not covered by this warranty. Customers receive 100% credit equivalent to the original purchase price upon purchasing new GIA diamonds twice the original value. Customers may also send jewellery to England Diamond for cleaning at any time during the warranty. Visitors to easily name it among the most informative online resources for diamonds. The company can also be reached between 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM on chat or Whatsapp for consultation.


Aiding Enrichment

England Diamond’s disclosure serves to educate the public about a diamond’s true nature and appreciating its beauty to endow buyers with the power and confidence to make informed choices. “We have already done a lot. Moving forward, we will offer more seminars from our office in Central, covering various topics such as ‘diamonds for investment’, ‘the most ideal diamonds for engagement’, and an immersive ‘diamond 101’.” The company continues to hire qualified GIA certified diamond consultants and upgrade its viewing equipment, as well as improve its online diamond search and appreciation experience. Its staff trains constantly to ensure it provides the most professional services in the region. The range of products and related support England Diamond offers consumers stretches day by day, along with heightening standards of quality, all at competitive prices. With Eric Ng and company at the forefront of this new paradigm in luxury retail, Hong Kong and the world will soon see jewellery in a new light.