4Cs of Diamonds & Beyond

Learn the basic of 4Cs and other important feature that determine the value of a diamond

GIA Certified

Who is GIA and why you should have confidence in buying our GIA certified diamonds.

Conflict Free Diamonds

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What is ED Grade Diamond?

 The ED Grade diamonds are our house branded diamonds.  They are essentially the top of the class diamonds that are both precious and possess the highest aesthetic value - simply the best of the best.  


Feature highlights:

1. Display an excellent hearts and arrows pattern 

2. Excellent finish with 3EX – Top of the class cut grade, symmetry grade, and polish grade

3. Excellent clarity - Inclusions inside the diamond are difficult to be spotted by even a trained professional under 10X magnification

4. Belong to the colorless grades

5. Over ½ carat in size


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MOREPicked for Investment & Value

MOREPicked for Fashion Wear

0.8 Carat 3EX J Colour Diamond

HK$ 10,750

1 Carat J Colour Diamond

HK$ 24,950
HK$ 19,960

1 Carat 3EX G Colour Diamond

HK$ 41,000
HK$ 32,800

1.5 Carat 3EX J Colour Diamond

HK$ 46,480
HK$ 37,190