How to Plan a Marriage Proposal



How To Plan A Marriage Proposal




So, you've whittled down the ring choices to a single sparkler at England Diamond, and sought her father's blessing prior to making solid plans. Congratulations, you're halfway there! Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is singly, one of the most important things a man will ever accomplish in his lifetime. Every aspect of the proposal – from timing to setting – should be planned with due consideration for how well received it's likely to be by your partner, and if it'll go down as an event “to tell the grandchildren about!”. But, before you rush headlong into booking a weekend trip to Paris, or a table at your local Mitchelin-starred restaurant, take some time to read our proposal guide. It could mean the difference between an affirmative answer, and a red face!




Pay Attention To Details


Is your beloved always asking you to rediscover your romantic streak?  A marriage proposal is the perfect way to show her your softer side – you know, the one she fell in love with many moons ago? Plot your marriage proposal as you would a work project or presentation – down to every last detail. You may not think she was too impressed by your first holiday together on a caravan site, but tiny reminders of moments you've shared can really add to the personalisation of your proposal. From her favourite flowers, to a collage of photos depicting your relationship journey, there are no end of creative ways to set the mood for your proposal!




Be Unique




No bride wants to have the same staid proposal story as her colleagues and best friends. Moreover, women also want to be made to feel like they're special, which is why it pays to be creative when planning your proposal. Merge your personalities and interests, be they movie nights with a takeaway on the sofa, or rock concerts with a gaggle of close friends. Ultimately, it should be something that speaks to your partner, reminding her of the intimate memories you, as a couple, have already created!

Make it Unexpected


The element of surprise cannot be stressed enough when planning a marriage proposal. Women are intuitive, used to routine and relatively in tune with you as a partner, so if you tell her you have a lavish dinner planned at your local 4-star eatery, she's going to know something is up. Don't impart any details to her if you can help it. Instead, enlist her family or friends to get her ready for a night out with the girls, and then drive her to the restaurant. Similarly, if you plan a romantic holiday out of the blue, don't leave it until the last night to propose, because she'll already be expecting it! 


Public or Private?




You might not think that a rustic hut in the remote Kenyan outback to be a fitting place to propose to a future English Queen consort, but for Prince William, the romance of this isolated idyll was enough to sway Kate Middleton before he even went down on bended knee. Firstly, a marriage proposal is a memorable moment, and one likely to be told and retold among family and friends for many years after the actual wedding. So, make it a story that is worth retelling.




Have you considered your partner whilst weighing up your options? If she's the type to share everything with close and family and friends, chances are she'd appreciate a public proposal far more than having to relay the story herself later on. You should also keep in mind that not all women are comfortable with being caught off guard, so if your intended hates being the centre of attention, you might want to consider making this a more private, intimate moment.




Choosing the Perfect Setting for Your Proposal




When it comes to choosing the venue or setting, you should bear in mind that your choice could potentially sway her decision, therefore “romantic” should be a leading priority. Stuck for inspiration? We've come up with a few novel ideas that will guarantee she says “yes!”




1. The 'Where it All Began' Proposal




Women love nothing more than to know that you remember the milestones of a relationship. Taking her back to the place you first met will invoke strong memories of the awkward moments and laughter you shared while getting to know one another. Alternatively pick your first date location, and show her that you still recall those moments with the same fondness as she does.




2. The Romantic Weekend Getaway




If you're not the type to usually suggest a romantic weekend away in the countryside, she'll soon cotton on to the fact you're planning something. Instead, wait for an opportune occasion, such as her birthday, an anniversary, or a short holiday, and make it the highlight of the trip. Of course, you don't have to spend a weekend in the country. If you're city-slickers, why not whisk her away to a romantic city, such as Paris, Rome, or Vienna, and take in the sights before proposing on the last night?




3. The Au Naturel Proposal




If your partner is an outdoorsy type, why not enlist the help of Mother Nature for your proposal? Choose a setting that will add a dramatic backdrop for your proposal. Perhaps beside a quiet lake, on a cliff-top, or next to a waterfall. Hide the ring somewhere it won't be easily spotted by walkers, then guide her to your 'picnic spot'.




4. A St. Valentine’s Day Proposal




You may not buy into the commercialism of Valentine's Day, but its symbolism is still important – especially to your girlfriend. Naturally, she'll be expecting some kind of gesture, however small, to celebrate your love on the most romantic day of the year. Step it up a notch with an impromptu proposal over dinner, or after a movie. Aside from being a day she'll recall with happiness forever more, she'll more than likely forgive you if you forget Valentine's Day next year!




5. The Say-it-With-Words Proposal




If you want to make your intentions clear, and add a little romance to proceedings, why not create a worded message exclusively for your partner? You could hire a plan to drag a banner across the sky; contact your local football ground and ask for it to be shown on screen during a match, or even read out by the band at a local rock concert. Whatever you do, make it impressive. And if you don't have the budget to stretch to a Cessna, why not write your message into the sand on a day trip to the beach?




6. The Romantic City Vacation Proposal




If you have the budget and available holiday allowance, why not whisk her off for a romantic weekend break to one of the famous cities of love, such as Paris? Steer clear of landmarks and tourist traps; instead choose somewhere that is quaint, intimate and quiet, reflecting the true charisma of the city. A candle-lit café or restaurant on the banks of the Seine, or a quiet spot beside the Louvre fountains will set a memorable backdrop for your proposal.




7. The Ocean/ Lakeside Proposal




There's little that compares to the tranquillity and isolation of being on a boat in the middle of a vast lake or ocean; a sea breeze, sunshine and birds swooping overhead. Getting out on the ocean, or for that matter a small rowing boat on a lake is a chance to soak up the beauty of nature, and spend quality alone-time without being disturbed by children playing or passers by. Whether you hire a sailing boat and venture out onto the high seas, or charter a rowing boat at the nearest national park, it's a romantic gesture that will emphasise your intent once you pop that all important question!